While the adult conference will focus on the church first being together and then leaning toward others, the youth conference will run simultaneously and have a similar theme: Light Up the World!

For the first half of the conference, we will have awesome youth speakers talking to us about igniting a greater light in our lives – the inner life of the Spirit as we walk with Jesus. The second half of the conference we will have more awesome speakers challenge us to let that light shine in our schools and communities!

Pre-Registration for Youth is now CLOSED. You may walk-in and register the first day of the conference, July 10th for a cost of $85.

National Vineyard Youth Conference 2017
Awesome worship

Our worship will be led by both adult and teen worship leaders and draw us close to the heart of God.

Great youth speakers

Both adult and teen speakers from across the nation will preach the Word to us and, under the Holy Spirit's leading, challenge and encourage us.


We will practice what we’ve been talking about during a half day outreach – we won’t be just sitting and learning the whole time!


We’ll head to Knott's Soak City Waterpark for an entire day in the Southern California sun!

Tent city

Local youth groups can camp out in our own tent city right on the Vineyard Anaheim grounds.

Jesus says in Matthew 5, “You are the light of the world… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”


Wes Watkins

Youth Pastor, Anaheim Vineyard

Jenna Stepp

HLI Director

Jacob Gaines

Youth Pastor, VA Beach Vineyard

Mehgan Castor

Church of the Rockies

Christian Dunn

Youth Pastor, The Barn Vineyard

Ray Longwood

Pastor, Vineyard Church Rockville Centre NY

Adam Russell

Lead Pastor, Vineyard Campbellsville

Karrie Garcia

Founder/CEO, Freedom Movement



Night Meeting
Topic: The Need for a Personal Encounter with the Holy Spirit


Worship, equipping, and training
Hearing God’s Voice – Christian Dunn
Sharing Your Story – Wes Watkins

Lunch for youth leaders

Workshops focused on the inner life of Christians: Prayer; Spiritual Warfare; Worship; Overcoming Sin; Devotion; Identity

Jacob Gaines, Meghan Castor
Topic: Keeping Your Light Shining – Overcoming Obstacles to a Faith That Keeps Burning


Morning & Afternoon 
Knott’s Soak City Water Park all day
Dinner back at the tent/field

Jenna Stepp and Karrie Garcia
Topic: How To Make A Difference In The World – Even If It Seems Like No One Is Listening



Workshops based on reaching out and being the light of the world: Telling your friends about your faith; working with the poor; power evangelism

Ray Longwood
Topic: The World is Dying Without Us