For the first time ever we're offering discounted or free registration for those who volunteer at the conference!

Volunteer for 10-12 hours and receive 50% off registration, or 16+ hours for free registration. Minimum age to volunteer is 16. This is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and save money. 

How it works

Let us know you’re interested by filling out the form before registering for the conference. Our team will reach out to you, walk through any paperwork needed (e.g. background checks for Kids & Youth helpers), assign you to volunteer shifts, then email you to confirm. 

Once you are scheduled & confirmed we will send you a discount code to use for conference registration. 

Please note:

  • If you registered before coming here, tell us when we confirm your volunteer shifts and we’ll refund you the amount of your discount. 
  • If you inquired prior to Feb 8, we’ll be in touch about sending a rebate on your registration cost. 
  • We’ll do our best to schedule everyone who would like to volunteer, however inquiring below doesn’t guarantee you’ll be scheduled. 

Whether you would like to work as a volunteer to receive a partial or full rebate on your registration fee (registration rebates are limited) or simply to help out, we need you! 

Rebates are given based on the amount of time you are able to contribute, and rebate priority is provided to our kids and youth volunteers. A partial rebate is offered for 10-12 hours, and a full rebate is available for 16+ hours. Minimum age to volunteer is 16.

If you are only able to help for a few hours, we can still use you! Assignments will be confirmed prior to the conference. On-site you may check in on open opportunities at the information desk in the lobby.

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