Isis & Mynor Canel
Isis & Mynor Canel
Hispanic Association
Pastors at La Viña Cincinnati, OH
Isis & Mynor Canel

Mynor and Isis Canel are a dynamic couple with 33 years of marriage under their belt. As first-generation Hispanics, they’ve cultivated a life marked by love, family, and a passion for community impact. Blessed with three children and a cherished granddaughter, their journey has been one of shared purpose and dedication.

In the realm of ministry, Mynor and Isis have left an indelible mark. They played pivotal roles in planting La Viña congregation in Los Angeles and Guatemala City. In 2008, the Lord led them to Cincinnati, where they took on the challenge of planting La Viña Cincinnati. For 14 years, they’ve served as bi-vocational lead pastors, guiding their congregation with wisdom and compassion.

What compelled them to plant a church in Cincinnati was a commitment to social justice. Witnessing the struggles of the Hispanic community in an area known for its crime rates, they made the courageous move from LA to make a difference. Their vision extended beyond the pulpit, as they also founded and oversee an extension of Harvest Bible University in Cincinnati, where men and women are being trained and equipped to become pastors to plant churches.

Outside the ministry, Mynor and Isis find joy in family gatherings and cherished moments with friends. Road biking has become their shared stress-relief activity, allowing them to explore new paths together. Their church reflects their commitment to diversity, conducting services in both English and Spanish. Their overarching passion lies in aiding the less fortunate, particularly immigrants who often arrive with only the clothes on their backs. Mynor and Isis embody a love for God, family, and community, making a lasting impact on everyone they encounter.

Speakers, hosts, and storytellers include a variety of Vineyard leaders and friends of the Vineyard.

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