New location for the 2023 National Conference: Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina!

2023 National Conference

Save the date! Estes Park, CO during first week in August 2023 (exact dates to be announced).

The Way On

The conference has ended.

But you can watch all of the sessions + extras!

The conference has ended.

But you can watch all of the sessions!

Breakout Streams

Tues, Wed, & Thurs at 2 PM PDT


Vineyard USA

We are so excited to bring our Vineyard family and friends together again for our National Conference! 

Join us this year in Phoenix for our 2021 National Conference: The Way On. Revisiting Biblical texts that have been seminal for the Vineyard, we will look at how these Scriptures have made us who we are and where new expressions of these teachings are at work in our movement. We will celebrate the best of who we’ve been and hear from some of our rising leaders across the US.

One of the best parts of any conference is being together with our Vineyard family and friends. After a difficult year, we hope that you’ll be able to join us for powerful worship, teaching, ministry, and connection. Not to mention, it will be a lot of fun!

We believe God is positioning us for an exciting future together. As John Wimber used to say, “The way in is the way on.”  The way that God has shaped the Vineyard historically is the way He will continue to shape us during this season of transition. 

Join us in Phoenix as we say, “Thank you God for what You’ve done, thank You God for what You’re doing, and thank You God for where You are leading us!”

We hope to see you there!

Phil Strout & Jay Pathak 


& special guests

In our evening sessions, Vineyard leaders from our past and present will draw from our history to lead us into the future. Afternoons will be topical breakout sessions to connect your local ministry to the work we are doing throughout Vineyard USA. 

We’re excited to have morning sessions with Tim Mackie of BibleProject via special video presentation and other Vineyard leaders. 


of Vineyard churches & friends from around the U.S.

The relationships, ministry, and fun that happen before and after the formal sessions have always been a key part of Vineyard conferences. Come hang out to connect with old friends and meet some new friends. After a year like we’ve had, time together in person will feel even more sweet.

In addition to lunches and gatherings coordinated by ministry leaders, we’ll be hosting an After Party each night as a space to connect with others throughout the week. 

Youth & Kids

Activities for youth and kids will not be included this year due to challenges from COVID-19 and the fact that many school aged kids will be unable to attend at this time of year. Of course, our focus on youth and children has not diminished and we look forward to resuming full conferences for them in the future.  

Childcare during the conference

We will offer childcare for babies and young children up to 5 years old for $65 per child.

Due to limited space for childcare, we can’t accept walk-ins, and registration for childcare closed on October 2. 


& watch parties

Since the 1980s Vineyard’s message and ministry has been carried around the world by technology. VHS, cassette tapes, and burned CDs were the medium God used to first connect many of us.

Today it only makes sense to continue utilizing technology by live streaming the entire conference (main sessions and breakouts) at no cost so that anyone, anywhere in the world can connect. Still, there’s nothing like being in the room, so get to Phoenix if you can!

If you’re going to connect over the live stream, consider hosting a watch party with friends in your living room, church, or wherever. Listening to great teaching and then connecting in Holy Spirit ministry together afterwards is the best way to experience the conference if you can’t join us in person in Phoenix.