Wimber & Spirit Ministry resources in the VDM

Wimber & Spirit Ministry resources in the VDM!

Last night Jay mentioned Wimber’s core teaching and drawing deep on our experience as a Movement.

We want to let you know that we have some great tools available to serve you, your staff, your leaders, and your church, at VineyardDigitalMembership.com.

Spirit Ministry features (with more on the way):

John Wimber, Signs & Wonders Seminar (MC510)

Brenda Gatlin, Spirit Ministry In The Local Church

Spirit Ministry Tools For Staffs & Congregations (English & Español)

As well as:

The 5 Step Prayer Model Booklet
With a digital license to email to your church

The 5 Step Prayer Model Bookmarks
To print for your congregation’s Bibles

The 5 Step Prayer Model FOR KIDS!

El Modelo de Oración de 5 Pasos …ipara Niños!

More Wimber resources are on the way, as well as Spirit Ministry tools from others – including the National Conference talks!.

Get a Vineyard Digital Membership so your staff and leaders can access thousands of Kingdom-themed resources!

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