Welcome to our final day at #VineyardTLO!

Welcome to Thursday at #VineyardTLO!

It’s Thursday already, and this has been such a fun and inspiring week together!

The Youth and Kids conference is wrapping up with some great activities, and we have much to look forward to today as God continues to speak to us.

Make sure you stop by the Vineyard Resources table for a VINEYARD SOUL: WE ARE READY CD (just released yesterday!) and to stock up on amazing new resources you’ll want to leave with (some may only be available here at the conference, so be sure to swing by).

Here are today’s tips for you and yours. See you around for our last full day together!

3 Ways To Have A Great Thursday At #VineyardTLO:

1. Learn something about an aspect of the Vineyard movement you didn’t otherwise know about.

There are so many things happening in the Vineyard – from overseas mission to theological reflection to church planting and on and on. Many of us have been involved in these sorts of efforts.

The temptation can be to hang out with those we already know, and have the conversations we’ve already had.

Since we’re all here together- why not try something new? Learn about a ministry you might not have experience, meet a leader who’s up to something you may never have imagined. You’d be surprised what God might have for you.

2. Determine to appreciate (not resent) the differences within the Vineyard movement.

Because we so value honesty and realness, Vineyard leaders don’t tend to hold back. And given the variety of expressions of church in our country, it’s likely you will encounter some people who are a lot different from you. Perhaps they have different theological views, different styles of worship or prayer, or simply different habits.

Let’s enjoy the ways God has made us different. No one way of honoring God could express God’s nature entirely.

3. Get someone’s contact information.

In this day and age, it could mean any number of thing- a phone number, a twitter handle, an Instagram page or an email address. And then choose to follow up after the conference. Our movement flourishes as we make connection the go beyond local geography or obviously shared interests.

Who knows what God might do through connections that started over a donut or cup of tea here in Anaheim? Be open to it!

Have a great final day of #VineyardTLO!

Photo: John Doukas
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