Last chance to check out the VINEYARD RESOURCES table!

Last chance to check out the Vineyard Resources table!

We are taking orders for the new KYRIE ELEISON CDs that you’ve all been asking about.

Head to the Vineyard Resources table to put your order in!

Also, we’re running out of stock of everything else, so come by now!

NEW! Vineyard Apparel!

New VUSA t-shirts, hats, and other apparel are available this year. Get the most current Vineyard fashions!

NEW! The Vineyard DNA!

The official resource of the 2017 National Conference is the new book, The Vineyard DNA. It’s a complete Vineyard 101 book (with a companion video series coming this Fall). Hot off the presses, buy a few to give to staff, leaders, and newcomers.

NEW! The VDM Individual Membership!

The Vineyard Digital Membership now has an Individual Membership option – so you can access thousands of Kingdom-specific resources at a low annual cost. Sign up yourself, or sign up your church, at the table by Vineyard Resources.

NEW! Vineyard Soul: We Are Ready

Available now at the VR table. Get yours before you go!

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